For The Love of Fanfiction

Interactive Data Visualization


A visualization of the top 20 fanfiction stories on Archive of Our Own, ranked
by Kudos (likes) and mapped by publication date. Created with interactive elements on Figma.

When the pandemic hit and we were all stuck in our homes, I found myself spending long hours reading fanfiction on Archive of Our Own, one of the biggest repositories of fan-made stories on the internet.

I’ve always had a huge admiration for fandom communities and the hundred of hours they spend creating a space for people to come together. Fanfiction is a great site for such spaces, and I wanted to create this visualisation as a small love letter to all the people who write and share amazing, emotional stories entirely for free for strangers like me to read and appreciate and cry over.

Explore the visualization on Figma here. 

Note: Press ‘Z’ to fit to screen.