Interaction Design

Below are a couple of works focused on interaction design, ranging from game-making to machine learning applications.

Interactive installation that merges screen space and physical
space with analog objects as controllers.

This is a three-person team project.

You are a tiny little creature who wakes up in an unknown forest. A friendly woman offers you a home and invites you to bake a pie with her. All that’s left to do is to pick some fruit for the pie. 

Beholden is a choice-based stealth game with multiple endings where you pick fruit and give them away.

As part of a team, this project brings together machine learning and game engines in order to explore an unconventional game controller that uses object and speech as inputs to control tennis balls in a 3D environment.

As part of a team of four, we created an interactive installation in TouchDesigner where touching memory-filled objects (leaves, snow, mini hockey game) changes the projected visuals.

A website re-design for a brand that specializes
in pasalubong (gifts) and other culinary delicacies.

An interactive data visualization project that celebrates
the work of fiction created in fan spaces.