Bracy & Tamika

We are an artist collective interested in the intersection between game-making and the responsible use of emerging technology such as generative AI. Below is our portfolio of work.

Bracy Appeikumoh

Bracy Appeikumoh is a writer and mixed-media artist currently existing in Tkaronto, Ontario. Her creative practice explores scopophilia and indigeneity. She facilitates workshops towards liberatory practice and creating equitable worlds.

This game jam was an exercise in worldbuilding towards a more equitable future. Inspired by queer theory, afrofuturism, indigenous knowledge networks, and disability rights advocacy, participants were encouraged to look within themselves and explore what could be capable for themselves and their communities. This game jam was open to all who wanted to participate.

#grrrl lesson plan by Bracy Appeikumoh for perfect ten after school inc. (2017-2019)

Objective – To provide young girls with the opportunity to learn and discuss social justice issues in modern society to arm themselves to combat any injustices that may come their way i.e. be a riot grrrl and take down the forces that be.

Tamika Yamamoto

Tamika deeply enjoys the act of creation and design in any form and is intrigued by how creative work can enhance our capacity to empathize and connect with others. Currently, she is expanding her expertise in interactive media, focusing on AI criticality, language models, and crafting narrative-driven games that convey values-embedded play.

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This project looks into the intersection between large language models and game-making, particularly how we may approach natural language interfaces and AI NPCs using language models in order to serve the expressive goals of the underrepresented game-maker. 

Two-year applied research project (M.Des).

As part of a team, this project brings together machine learning and game engines in order to explore an unconventional game controller that uses object and speech as inputs to control tennis balls in a 3D environment.

Interactive installation that merges screen space and physical
space with analog objects as controllers.

This is a three-person team project.